Blood Doesn't Come Out

A short story published in a multi-author anthology of "Thrilling Tales", 2002

Mousetrap: A Tale of Computer Crime - Life Magazine 1984

This is a story about misuse of computer technology. Interestingly, Michael Crichton published the computer code featured in the story in the Compute! magazine.

Short stories in Playboy Magazine

In 1968 Michael Crichton began his collaboration with the Playboy magazine, with two short stories published within three years:

  • How Does That Make You Feel (November 1968) 

    In How Does That Make You Feel?, Michael Crichton writes (as Jeffrey Hudson) about the misuse of psychological therapy techniques by a therapist who tries to get away from being shot by the angry husband whose wife he is seeing and who has abused his position as therapist to start the affair in the first place. The final twist shows that he was actually being played by his patient, but this does not take away the idea that this misuse and abuse of a science-based practice is a danger Michael Crichton is pointing out to the readers.

  • The Most Powerful Taylor In The World (September 1971)
          The second Playboy story, The Most Powerful Taylor in the World, tells the story of the initial inability of the White House science adviser to reach a simple solution to a problem, because his focus on its scientific aspects simply distracted him from the more mundane and simple facts. Again, I do not think it is a stretch to interpret this story as a warning from the dangers of excessive reliance on science & technology, in this case in the context of political decision-making.

         It was published as an audio book (on cassette) in 1996 as the title story of the collection "The Best of Playboy Fiction - Volume 1"

Michael Crichton's earliest writings


When a writer acquires fame and success, analysts and fans look for everything the author has ever written, works that would otherwise be long forgotten and gone unnoticed. Some even try to find in them early traces of the author's later traits as a successful writer.

This book includes written work by Michael Crichton from as early as 1957, such as  Johnny at 8:30 which he wrote at the age of 14. Further writings featured in this book are an untitled one from 1960, an excerpt from Life goes to a party, and The most important part of the lab, both from 1961.

A must for collectors and fans.